This Must Be The Place

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This Must Be the Place, sculptural installation.

This Must Be The Place - Lauren Cherry Max Springer

This Must Be The Place, Moon. Collage on drywall.

Moon collage detail.

Glazed ceramic sculpture on tile and marble pedestal

Red wax painting

Red wax painting detail

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This project took place as part of the exhibition Only by Analogy at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California in October and November 2015.

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Only by Analogy

Susanna Barlow
Lauren Cherry & Max Springer
Patricia Rangel
Brooks Turner

Curated by Christina Mesiti

Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA
October 2015

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Only by Analogy

The work in this show reaches to connect the experience of being in a place and describing it from without. It seems natural that when looking to engage the distance between a felt place and a described place, many of the artists arrived at places where that separation feels especially acute — places beyond human cognition or experience like the afterlife or black holes, areas in which the senses of time and space collapse into each other. In these spaces invented descriptions are all we have to go on. Hence the show’s title, Only by Analogy, drawn from H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Colour Out of Space.” In the story, a small town is hit by a meteor-like object of a color so unknown that it could only be named “by analogy”. In the same way, when confronted with the unbridgeable gap between experience and representation, each of the artists turns to a known, felt materiality to create analogies with what is possible to experience now: “It’s like this…and also this…” In the indescribable, the artists turn to a grounded, elemental connection to the world at hand, giving us an unfamiliar landscape to feel with our bodies in the present.